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It has an anti-elastase action that returns the elasticity and tonicity of the skin, returns the luminosity and vitality to the face, accelerating cell growth.


TEXTURE: Soft gel

TYPE OF SKIN: Young skins or lacking hydration and sensitive.

ACTION: It hydrates the skin in a natural way thanks to its intensive mix of antioxidants that renew the skin and protect it against free radicals, since our Agave Regenerating Phytocomplex forms a layer on the cells that protects them against these external agents, while the complex of alpine plants detoxify, de-stress and calm the skin

ASSETS: Regenerating Blue Agave Phytocomplex

                 Alpine Plant Complex

                 Rice Bran Oil Extract

                 Hyaluronic acid


How to use: 

Apply 1 pump of illuminating serum on your fingers, rub it in your hands and apply gently over your entire face, do not forget around the eyes, cheeks, chin and forehead. You can apply it day or night.