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Passion Passion

Passion Passion

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The Essences of Love and Passion of Luna de Agave are the heart of this kit, together with AgaveSpa its body cream and also its Body Mist, they developed products with intention, designed for people who have love for their care and love for what they do .
Under the premise of "Love is a force that attracts" and "Passion is an impulse to be happy with our life", being good with yourself and having self-love is being able to share your tranquility and balance with those around you.



Dale intención a tu cuidado personal después de la ducha

Úsalo de día y noche activando una frecuencia optima de ese ánimo que te impulsa, en tus actividades rutinarias.

Recomendación de uso

Usa la crema hidratante en tu cuerpo y rocía un ligera brisa sobre tu ropa.

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