new Moon

new Moon

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New Moon

It is time for beginnings; it is new, fresh energy that leads us to decide on new challenges. It is the first breath of the moon that tells us "visualize and vibrate according to that desire." It is the spark that will detonate everything.

Jasmine oil has a warm energy, therefore, in some European societies, it is used in childbirth; It is ideal for causing a flowering, its subtle aroma is used to have prophetic dreams and attract love.

Rose oil, in addition to moisturizing the skin, strengthens the respiratory system, improves mood and prevents depression, regulates menstrual disorders, prevents the formation of stretch marks, attracts love and harmony. Beyond its relaxing aroma, lavender produces benefits in the physical, mental and spiritual body: it is antiseptic, relaxing and protective against the bad energies of people and places.

15ml Glass Bottle