Waning moon

Waning moon

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waning moon

The decrease of the Moon gives us the opportunity to let go, free ourselves from slopes, expectations and problems, clean and clear the environment to start over on the next new moon.

The mixture of this oil is strong and powerful to help us release in consciousness and with determination. Benzoin is used therapeutically for its healing properties. This resin in the mystical world fosters states of harmony, cleanses and strengthens the aura and repels negative energies.

It is a natural stimulant, relieves pain and has sedative properties. Cinnamon potentiates the effects of other ingredients; It is an expectorant, improves sexual performance and whets the appetite. It is considered a spice that helps to have spiritual strength, peace and internal meditation. It also contains copal, this resin was widely used in pre-Hispanic times in Mexico for purposes of purification, offering, protection and blessings. Its aroma allows us to deepen our emotions, cleanses, liberates, causes meditative states and allows us to connect with high vibrations.

15ml Glass Bottle