Rutina de amor propio: lleva una mejor relación con tu piel, cuerpo y toda tú

Self-love routine: have a better relationship with your skin, body and all of you


Beyond loving yourself, learn to feel comfortable in your own skin. In order to achieve it, Adriana Azuara, Latin American Wellness Leader, He shared his golden rules with us:

1) Love your pores

Let's normalize that the skin has texture! With the craze for digital filters, an idea of a flat complexion has become widespread. Don't produce an unattainable (digital) version of yourself, remember that A healthy dermis is the reflection of the well-being of your whole person.

two) Exercise your skin

The facials help to care for and activate your dermis, they are like yoga for your face. Stay active! But also with your thoughts, if the happiness and being positive They are habits, so are the care for your skin. To tone your face, do the following facial yoga routine:

Smooths the forehead: Clench your hands into fists, place them in the center of your forehead and slide them towards your temples. Repeat this three times.

Tones the neck: Facing straight ahead, put your fingertips on the top of your neck and slide your fingers downward while tilting your head back. Repeat three times.

Define lips: With your head tilted back, make the gesture (and sound) of kissing, 10 times. Then relax your face, take a deep breath and exhale gesturing as if blowing out a candle (do it two more times).

3) Accept the changes

Although by now you already know the type of dermis you have, it is very important that recognize the moment your skin lives , what it is really requiring for the station, your hormonal status And the moment you go through And, from that, determine what care you need.

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4) Be patient

Read: Say no to miracle products. Achieving a Korean complexion doesn't happen overnight. There is a constant personal work behind, in which what you wear matters as much as what you take off!

5) Trust the power of water

When you take your two liters of water a day you feel happier and even less hungry. Health!

6) Make your routine a ritual

Think of it as a instant that you offer yourself to take care of you. Stop seeing it as something monotonous, better value and enjoy the moment.

7) Take advantage of the break

Make the Sundays the day of the masks. Start by taking a purifying bath (hang a bouquet of eucalyptus in the shower), thoroughly exfoliate your body, hydrate it with moisturizing balms, and relax! Also, be rigorous about your hours of restful sleep. You can try these 5 yogurt masks to improve your skin

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