The Nahuas knew the importance of the Agave derived from its various properties. In addition to the sacred qualities associated with it, Agave since time immemorial has been a powerful natural antiseptic that allows deep moisturizing thanks to its high content of amino-sugars, stimulates cell renewal in the body and has medicinal properties as an anti-inflammatory and healing. Our after-sun treatment uses the sacred and regenerative power of Agave, to protect, restore and calm the skin from external aggressions such as: solar UVA and UVB rays, pollution, toxins and other free radicals. This innovative protocol uses symbols and rituals that remind us of why Agave is the essence of Mexico.

    For the Nahuas there are vital forces deposited in different parts of the human body: the "Tonalli" in the head, the "Toyolia" and the "Ihiyotl" in the liver. These forces must remain in balance, and any imbalance brings disease to the body. The exclusive massage techniques of this treatment are inspired by the therapeutic massages performed by Mesoamerican indigenous cultures with the aim of aligning imbalances in the human body that cause diseases and premature aging. Thanks to the powerful mixture of antioxidants and the thermal effect of obsidian on the skin, this treatment is indicated to restore the firmness of the areas most affected by flaccidity and tones the skin and reduces stretch marks. Its active ingredients hydrate, nourish and activate the skin's natural rejuvenating processes.

    Taiyari means "Light and Essence" for the Huichol culture. For this culture the body is the reflection of the Cosmos. Each area of the cosmos is related to an energy center: Ne-riwema is the psychic center located in the frontal area of the head and is where the soul and consciousness reside; Ne-iyari means "my heart", and it is where thought, ideas and the capacity for planning occur; Ne-iyuxapa is located in the navel, source of life. Taiyari seeks to restore the balance between these energy centers. We unblock and align energetic seals with the Tzolkin massage technique and then give an energetic cleansing through Jade, symbol of life and eternity for Mesoamericans. Thanks to the properties of the Agave Regenerating Phytocomplex, the Rice Oil Extract, the Algilerine and the Alpine Plant Complex, the treatment is ideal to repair the symptoms of tired, dry and sensitive skin caused by pollution, fatigue and stress ; as well as activate the softness and luminosity in the face. Taiyari is an unprecedented treatment that restores the perfect balance.

    The Coras call Tetewan the goddess of fertility associated with the Moon. Tetewan is said to be the one who guides the Cora people through the sky and darkness, thus avoiding a great flood. The Coras seek harmony with nature. For them, beauty and health is a holistic concept that depends not only on the state of the Body, but also on the mind. Our anti-aging treatment begins with the unblocking of energy points on the face through a welcome massage and the use of pearls that reflect the moonlight and release the contained energy. The active phase is the answer for those who want to eliminate wrinkles and expression signs from their face thanks to the effects of Algilerine and Hyaluronic Acid on the skin. The Hydronutritive Pearl Elixir and the Pearl Extract improve the texture, elasticity and tone of the skin, resulting in a new treatment that rejuvenates and results in a total renewal.


    The Mayans created one of the greatest and most original ancient civilizations. Ix Chel the Goddess of the Moon, is also associated with beauty and health. The Mayans perceived health as a "balance" and perceived the passage of time as a succession of cycles. The anti-aging facial and eye contour seeks to restore the balance between mind and body, as well as defy the passage of time thanks to its youth-activating ingredients. The treatment begins with the regeneration of the energy circuits located in the face using the Tzolkin massage technique. In addition to a powerful veil of collagen. In the active part, the products of the Pearl & Agave line are applied through a penetration micro-massage with two obsidian facial stones, a sacred stone for Mesoamerican cultures or use of radio frequency that activates collagen and elastin and does a face and eye lift. At the end of the treatment, we focus on unlocking the energy circuit around the eyes using pearls. The pearls are deposited in the most important energy points because they reflect the moonlight and release the contained energy. The treatment activates a botox and lifting effect on the face thanks to the effects of Algilerine and Hyaluronic Acid. Intensive and natural, the anti-aging facial attenuates and plumps the visible signs of aging, smoothing and brightening the face.



    The myth of the creation of the Purépecha world describes the passage from chaos, towards harmony, that is, towards duality. Because without duality there can be no balance. For the Purépecha culture, Water has a sacred meaning since it is a resource of limited natural availability since pre-Hispanic times. In its active phase, thanks to the exclusive massage techniques, ingredients of the “Body Reflection” body scrub and the thermal power of obsidian on the skin, the TIRI XI'UI treatment cleanses, detoxifies and frees toxins and dead cells, allowing the passage natural water between the different layers of the dermis and restoring the body's natural balance and tone. The massage techniques of this treatment are inspired by the "sobadas" therapeutic massages performed by Mesoamerican indigenous cultures with the aim of detoxifying (including unpacking) and aligning imbalances in the human body that cause diseases and aging. This treatment is ideal for fighting stubborn fat, cellulite and water retention. Additionally, we recommend the patient a water therapy for days



    SITUATL is an exceptional pedicure ritual for future spouses inspired by a love story. Mayáhuel was a beautiful young woman who lived with her grandmother. On one occasion, Quetzalcóatl convinced her to come down to earth to love each other turned into the branches of a forked tree. But when her grandmother woke up and did not see Mayáhuel, she called other tzitzimime to come down to earth to help her find her granddaughter. As they approached, the tree split in two, then the grandmother, discovering her granddaughter as a branch, tore her apart and left the remains for another tzitzímitl to devour. However, the branch that Quetzacóatl had become remained intact. When they left, Quetzacóatl took the remains of the young virgin and buried them. From this sprouted the agave or maguey plant from which the Agave Regenerative Phytocomplex ™ is extracted. Thus, after her death, Mayáhuel became a goddess.