For the Mayans, all the energy in the universe has an order - tsool - and influences other energy systems. The body is one of these energy systems that can be influenced. The Tzolkin, or Mayan calendar is a combination of 13 tones (Moon) and 20 seals (Sun), which define the 260 possibilities of influence, each of which is called a kin. This sacred cycle of 260 days therefore has a direct relationship with the human body and the energy inherent in it. Incorporating the Mayan worldview and knowledge, the Tzolkin massage was created from the relationship between the most important energy points in the body for this culture and the 20 solar seals. Each seal has a duality regarding the possibility with which the energy can manifest itself: positive and negative. The same happens with the energy points in the body, since when these are blocked, the negative side of the energy in the body manifests. The objective of the TZOLKIN massage is to unblock these energy points and release the orderly flow of energy. Depending on the blocked energy points, our massage can help to relax the body, improve circulation, eliminate toxins, calm muscle pain, help you sleep better, release endorphins and improve your mood. The TZOLKIN massage is a unique experience that will renew your senses.

    Massages for the Mazatec culture are tools to restore harmony in the microcosm of the body that is related to a macrocosm: nature and the universe. In this way, health is recovered, seen as an integrated whole: body, mind, emotions and spirit. The HASEN SETI ritual begins with a harmonization of sounds and aromas. All of these aimed at relaxing the body and reestablishing the balance between body, emotions, mind and spirit. In the active phase, the masseur will locate the areas where there are energy blocks or tensions. Through the traditional Mexican technique of applying incentives in these areas, tensions will be released and the balance will be reestablished. The Agave Spa Relaxing Promotion arises from the combination of traditional knowledge of the Mazatec culture and the selection of Mexican herbs that for centuries have served the purpose of relaxing and re-establishing harmony, responding to your inner essence.


    The daily life and difficulties faced by the Rarámuris has made them one of the most resilient cultures in the world. A reflection of their resilience, the Raramuri are considered resistant runners that can travel 260 km or more continuously. The Owirúame, is the healer who takes care of the Rarámuris before and during their trials and races. The Owirúame through massages and herbs relieves sprains, pulls, contractures and restores strength and vitality in the corridor. The strength and vitality of a Rarámuri refers not only to the physical aspect, but also to the mental and spiritual aspect of the person and directly reflects the strength of their souls. This element is undoubtedly the essence of Rarámuri resilience. The IWERÁMA Treatment incorporates Rarámuris knowledge and techniques in a massage created to give comfort and relieve contractures. In this treatment, the Agave Spa Decontracting Promotion is applied in the most affected areas. This promotion, a mixture of traditional Mexican herbs, acts in depth, improving muscle mobility and favoring the nervous system. The IWERAMA Treatment seeks to awaken strength and vitality, a reflection of the strength of our souls.