Agave Spa was born from the idea of creating a unique cosmetic line, capable of delivering to the world a little of what Mexico, due to its tradition, can offer. Our country is recognized worldwide for its music, its beautiful crafts, its festivities, its great diversity of landscapes, and its architectural legacy, but perhaps a less well-known facet is the vast herbal knowledge inherited from the pre-Hispanic world, and developed to our days, which due to the immense variety of plants that grow in its territory, offers great health benefits.

After 10 years of experience in the field of wellness and skin care, equipping spas, and training personnel through the company all4spas, of which Adriana Azuara is founder, creates Agave Spa, facing the need to offer a product of its own, which in its essence contained the history of Mexico as its main ingredient, and which also integrated all the parameters that in its experience it has discovered necessary to obtain the best results in skin care. This is how you discover the benefits of the ingredient that characterizes your line: Blue Agave.

Agave Spa arises by combining pre-Hispanic herbalism and current knowledge. By mixing ancient recipes of ancestral rituals that proudly represent a culture of passion and traditions, and combining it with the new lifestyle of those who seek the well-being and health of the body and soul.