Tendencias wellness para el 2021 que tienes que probar

Wellness trends for 2021 that you have to try

Despite the fact that everyone talks about wellness and the relevance it has taken, not everyone understands the true meaning and importance of living in wellness. "Let us understand that wellness is not eating vegetables and being an expert in yoga, but the constant search for activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of integral health, it is to be well physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually ” Says Adriana azuara who is the first Mexican woman recognized as Latinamerican Wellness Leader, Key Supporter for Mexico of the Global Wellness Day , representative of Wellness for Cancer in Latam

So, Adriana azuara us share some of the Wellbeing trends for this 2021.

Wellness trends for 2021 that you have to try

Self Care

Self Care is a relatively new concept that refers to a form of self-care, it is the set of acts that position people and their needs before others in favor of their well-being to achieve mental health and as a consequence physical health.

Most people dedicate much of their time to stay physically well, although most of the time they ignore their psychological needs, consequently they feel without spirit, tired and apathetic, therefore it is important to seek the well-being of both parties, learn to take care of the rest and tranquility of the mind.

Feeling mentally tired, overwhelmed, in need of taking a break from the people with whom you live daily, as well as pending tasks, if you have experienced anxiety or apathy, it is time to act and start doing self-care.

A great option to start the year is to follow the 3 main axes of Self Care “Recognize yourself, take care of yourself and love yourself”. Some tips to start a Self Care routine are:

  • Create routines that make you start and end the day well
  • Skin care, exfoliate and hydrate the skin with a mask made with products that do not harm the environment
  • Eat in a balanced, conscious way
  • Make contact with nature and the environment
  • Move the body
  • Find what you are passionate about and do it

Conscious Eating

In these moments of isolation when self-care is even more necessary, emotional hunger makes people want and eat those foods rich in fat and carbohydrates that not only can cause weight gain, but can also affect the state Of the health.

To avoid this situation, it is important to differentiate between real hunger and emotional hunger, as confinement causes an increase in stress and anxiety, turning food into a kind of emotional anesthesia.

Adriana recommends practicing meditation or mindfulness to help regulate the emotions that generally lead to eating out of boredom, leisure or anxiety.

Digital Detox

Many people get up every day with the cell phone alarm, after that they check Instagram before even setting foot on the floor, when they enjoy their coffee they answer the WhatsApp messages, while they have breakfast they google to be aware of the latest news and then they turn on the computer to sit down to work for around 8 or 10 hours, finally they end the day checking the different social networks or having a video call with a friend.

It is easy to fall into this vicious cycle, especially in times of quarantine that spend most of the time at home. Previously, the use of mobile devices was 3 hours and 15 minutes and in the last year it has shot up to 5 hours and 5 minutes, thus increasing by 45%.

Being stuck on devices has serious consequences for well-being. Among the negative effects is the so-called text neck syndrome, which is the misalignment of one or more vertebrae caused by keeping the head tilted down for long periods of time, or problems in the hands such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis in thumbs because of the unnatural position adopted when holding mobile devices.

To free yourself from technological dependence and achieve a Digital Ditox it is recommended:

Establish schedules: in many cases, for work or personal reasons, you cannot be without a telephone, so it is best to establish schedules in which it is allowed to look at emails and social networks. You can also choose to find a weekday when it is possible to completely disconnect.

Look for Hobbies and practice them : the only condition is that they do not have to do with technology, you can go for a walk, practice yoga, meditate, read, cook or paint.

Avoid the mobile phone during meals and meetings: moving away from the smartphone while eating either alone or with company will help improve communication with family, partner and friends.

Wellness Travelers

Traveling is one of the pleasures that most grants happiness and this year without a doubt even more, because after almost a year of confinement and social distancing, being able to enjoy the sea and nature greatly helps to disconnect from the daily routine and overcome the accumulated stresses during lockdown.

This is why trips that address mental and physical well-being are on the rise, with destinations tailored to the needs of reducing stress and anxiety and include experiences with cycling, hiking, walking, rowing, deep sleep treatments. and spa, meditation and yoga.

The Wellness traveler travels to feel inspired , seeks to connect, relax, give and receive good times. The primary objective of Wellness Travel is to foster an adventurous spirit by enhancing physical, mental and spiritual health.

Mental and emotional health

Mental health is going to be a fundamental part of this year. Find ways to calm the mind, body and heart. Knowing and practicing the different alternatives that help to work with emotions will be one of the pillars that will move the vast majority of people this year.

From learning to connect with oneself using therapies and resources as well as:

  • Professional therapists
  • Soundhealing
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation Apps
  • Outdoor exercises
  • Alternative therapies
  • Herbalism
  • Spa
  • Yoga

Sanitation and cleaning

Who would have thought that the use of antibacterial hand gels and furniture and environmental sanitizers would be among the top wellness trends for this year? The “new normal” is a reality that has been learned to live with, due to the pandemic the world is experiencing, people's perception of the importance of hygiene and disinfection has changed permanently.

That is why in 2021 a great wellness trend will be the use of certified sanitizing products that do not harm human beings and that help to keep the body, homes and offices free of Covid-19, helping to create an environment of security.

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