Empodérate este 31 octubre con la luna llena

Empower yourself this October 31 with the full moon

Full moon on October 31 is quite an event, this without counting that October had and will have 2 full moons. We are going to put aside that this second full moon is Halloween, because it is not about spells and ghosts. It is about using the power of the moon to be able to advance spiritually, create awareness, contact nature and your emotions.

In addition, I share with you that this blue moon is very special, the last one was in 1944. Astrologically it is a historical moon, because of the day it falls, the type of moon and above all because it is expanding energy. But do not expect to see it bright blue, which if you are going to notice a very unusual shine and tone.

So it is time to harness all the magic and energy of this moon.

The full moon is the climax, the energy is expanding, there is a need to feel accompanied, to dance and enjoy others; but also to meditate, to observe yourself. The very positive part of this blue moon in Taurus is the energy that attracts you to go out and be with people, feeling accompanied and hugging those you love is also an energy of self-care and self-love. Taurus is sensuality, pleasure, good food and taking care of your body with a little luxury, so receive this full moon with a good exfoliation, an aromatic body or foot bath, a face mask and a hair mask. Give yourself love during this time. It is also a moon of fortune to attract money, projects, heal relationships, write your dreams etc. Remember that you can see the moon or not, its energy is present and penetrates your spirit. Take advantage of their strength!


We recommend exfoliating your body this week with a mixture of fresh roses, marigolds, cinnamon and red pepper. Grind it in a molcajete and add it to the agave moon scrub with a mixture of full moon oil, love oil and passion oil. Massage your whole body, thank him for everything he gives you. Empower yourself even more AND add full moon oil to the unscented cream (minimum 25 drops) and hydrate and pamper your entire body. To finish, put a few drops of love oil and a full moon on your hair brush. Brush it a minimum of 20 times before sleeping.

This moon is a great time to finish projects and take care of your finances so for a few days before, put full moon oil and prosperity oil in your wallet and credit cards. Remember this moon is about love and about empowering the self-care of your body, your mind and your goals. Take advantage of taking the Moon Kit for a special price and enjoy all the power of our essential oils.

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