La leyenda del agave

The legend of the agave

It is said that a storm hit an agave field and several rays fell on the plants, firing their hearts, which caused the hydrolyzation of fructans to turn into a form of honey. The indigenous people encountered this phenomenon and, having tried it, they considered it a divine gift from Mayáhuel, so from that moment they worshiped it, using it in their ceremonial rites.

Mayáhuel is the symbol of the fertility of the earth. By being converted into a maguey, it gave men (Mexicas) the gifts necessary to survive. She is also the mother of the four hundred Centzon Totochtin rabbits, the four hundred or innumerable Gods of intoxication. The Goddess had four hundred breasts to feed her children. Mayáhuel is the center of the maguey surrounded by intertwined leaves, and refers to all the arms that flourish for the same people.

It is from this legend that Agave comes from, an essential raw material in our products.

We invite you to try them!

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